We all start from somewhere

Over the years that I would class myself as a DJ, I did way more bedroom Djing than playing out. I was constantly practicing when I had my CD decks when I was younger, I didn’t do has much when I went to college but by the end of college I was introduced to virtual DJ. This allowed me to practice without the need for hardware. I was able to still play songs mix and create mixtape from the software.

My mother would sometimes have events in her hall where she worked and would ask me to be in charge of music. This was my first experience of a live gig but it was nothing major at all, usually the pensioners that were having a party or something for the playgroup kids. But I loved setting up the sounds and making sure everything was working as should. And then playing was usually a little dull as I couldn’t play what I wanted but I always did what I could.

This was my start as a DJ, it wasn’t glamorous but I enjoyed playing music, I loved being uncontrollably of the sound and happy to see that I was making people happy with the music.

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