The Art of the DJ

When people think of a DJ, that only look at the surface of what DJing is really is, somebody that plays music to a crowd however this is DJing at its highest level and can be broken down in to segments to know what a DJ actually go through to be able to play in front of an audience also the path of a DJ has grown, it now contains branches which DJ’s can go deeper into to further their skills and careers.

Below is a list of three segments what makes a good Dj to me;

  1. Music – Depending on what type of DJ you are, the amount, quality and how well you know your music will make a great difference on how you play, what the others think of your skill and what bookings you are able to get.
  1. Skill – The basic skill of DJing such as being able to beat match and your timing of will go under the skills, but that can be built up to have non basic skills such as scratch skills & finger drumming which are great if you know the basics. I would also widen this to include non technically skills such as reading your crowd and interacting with the crowd with a microphone, All based under skills and can be equally as important to getting more gigs and being the best dj you can be.
  1. Promotion – How well you market yourself through online social media or physically going out to network will come under promotion, to extend this doing mix tapes to distribute, Podcast, Blogs, Vlogs, guest spots on radio or at other places to DJ. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter how good you are if no one knows who you are, you are not going to be able to grow, play in new places which will bring new crowds and new challenges.

The goal would be to be strong on all three areas, but as with everything else there is always room from improvement in any of them. Over the next few blogs I will go over each section in more detail and show how I manage and what I do to work on each area.

Looking more into the future of a dj Career there are many different avenues a person can take when becoming a dJ or wants to further their skills or Career.

The main Avenues which I will cover are

  • Show Dj – The most common of all avenues, this will include Bar/Club, the type that concentrate on just going to a venue to play other artist Records.    
  • Mobile DJ – this will included people that own PA equipment and get hired to provide Sound and lights for a privet booking, such as a birthday, wedding ect.
  • Dj Promoter – DJ that does their own event, this would involve planning a budget, making flyers, hiring other Dj/Artist, Promoting and making sure your guest have a good night.  
  • DJ Producer – Probably the ones that are recognised by the public more than others, This would involve making your own songs and playing them to a crowd, the more popular your song the more booking you will get.
  • Radio DJ – you get different type of radio dj’s, such as some that are primary talk radio DJs, Dj’s that just announce songs and some that do full mixes for there time slot,
  • Scratch DJs – these DJs focus on pure skill, mainly seen within the RED Bull Three Style competitions, there focus is on scratch skills and unique transitions between songs.

Over the next few blog entrees I will be going into detail of each and any experience I have had within that field.

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