Starting From Young

From when I was young I was always around music, my dad being a dj, my uncle a sound man and my mother being a lover of all types of music I didn’t have much choice.

My dad was the first person to introduce me to DJing, I would watch him has he played on his turntables and has i got older he would teach me how to beat match, we would have a few lesions here and there but it was never a set schedule.

I believe it was my 14th or 15th birthday my mother got me my first pair of cd decks, two CD players and a two channel mixer. I loved them everyday after school i was on them playing the all kinds of music that was in my house. This is where i made my first mix tape on a cassette tape and played it in my walkman into school. I remember this one day in maths class we had a substitute teacher for some reason wasn’t in the class, the other kids fount a tape player in the class and I got to play my mixtape out loud with other people listening to what I did.

At this point I was buying my own CDs so i would save my pocket money go to virgin and but the latest hip-hop singles. Then after that I got introduced to Hackney Wicks Sunday market where bootleg CDs where cheaper so i started to build up my collection of music. My favourite music was Hip-Hop, R&B i would occasionally buy garage tracks as at this time so solid and genius crew were coming on to the scene and it was a great time for music.



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