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Made It To Episode 50

On 17th October Dynamic episode 50 was put out. In all honesty I didn’t think that i would carry it on this far. When I started it was mainly because I was hardly playing out, I had a lot of music and I was forever on my equipment practicing. But playing at home I was just doing that, I would play but not record anything and I didn’t feel it was adding value to my playing out.

The options on what I could do to fill the void,

  • Go on to Radio – Find a pirate radio station go there and play. The problem that I had at this time was my work shift, I would not be able to have a constant slot with the way that my shift worked out plus finding time to leave the house to go to a physical building was something I didn’t want to do.
  • Start my own Online Station – Set it up at home and play music from my own station. The is that it just sounds harder to do, not impossible, I believe if I put my energy into it I could get it up and running but then it would have to running 24 hours, I may have to get other people to fill time slots ect. Too much hassle for what I wanted to do and I don’t even know how much that would cost for all the equipment to set that up.
  • Do regular mix tapes – every week release a new mix tape out on Mixcloud / Soundcloud. I do mix tapes anyways but I didn’t want to be Spamming my own Mixcloud account with random mixes every week, I would rather keep it to the mix tape series that I have going on.
  • Make a Podcast – record a podcast and post it up. Allows me to work when I want, post it up when I want and people can listen or download when they want. Recording a podcast is as simple as recording a mix tape and I could treat it has a show which would allow me to talk within the podcast.

I done some research on recording, looked at finding the best place to upload it, started to think of names and what else I can do to make it sound professional.

Couple pictures from the planning stages


Start of november 2015 was the very first episode and I have now been doing for over a year and do not plan on stopping any time soon.

Link to Podcast if your interested.Dynamic Podcast

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