Lets get It Started

I am resident at a Bar in Wembely called The Liquor Station and have been playing every other Friday for a while. Beginning of July I wrote a proposal to the manager saying that I want to start a night every Friday. In the proposal I stated what the current situation was on a Friday, how I plan to overcome current issues, what support I need from the club and the need to play every Friday.  A month for me to getting a meeting with the manager about the proposal where we went over everything stated and I was given a three month probation to get Fridays busier and reach a bar target.

The flyer has been created and the night as now officially started.


So now that I have been the go ahead the work now begins to start promoting the night. My main goal for the night is to brand it, make it memorable and build on it. I need to think of ways to keep people coming back and make new customers want to come.  The issues that is most concerning, is that I doing all with the normal pay that I was receiving, so it needs to be cost effective.

I will updating my blog with issues, ideas and anything else that happens with the night and see how it progresses over the next three months.



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