It’s more than a Night, It’s a Brand pt3

Having a photographer has helped the brand, people get to know that when they come to Luxury Fridays, they will be a photographer, so they have a something to look forward to when coming as well instead of it just being another night out. The next thing that we wanted to concentrate on was gaining followers and being able to track them. 

We had a brainstorming session where we wanted to solve two issues,

  1. We wanted a way to get information out to people about upcoming events that was not through social media.
  2. We wanted a way to get more people to follow us on our social media.

After ideas where pitched we ended with two good ones that we went with, the first being to do Business Cards and the second was to do gather e-mail address throw a signup sheet. 

Business Cards was the easier choice, print a few business cards with the Luxury Friday Logo on them and have the Face book and Instagram of where the pictures would be posted. Adam would then have something to give to guest that he took pictures of and they would be more incline to follow and like the be-live Facebook Page as they had a reason to go there, also the same with the Luxury Friday’s Instagram. 

The Mailing list was a harder to put together as it would require a resource to physically gather e-mail address. They had ideas about the method of acquiring came down to either using a pen a paper at the door or the alternative was to have an ipad with the relevant app to get details. We went with the later as this would be easy and quicker and would eliminate the risk of unreadable handwriting. Using an app brought another issue up of which app to use. After doing some research we found one which we could use as a free trail.

The e-mail gathering did not last as long as we would have liked, we did manage get a good amount but we could of grown the list if we kept it up, but the needed resource proved to be an issue at times and the free trail did not last forever, as we didn’t feel a need to pay for it. The business cards are still being used and prove as good way to grow the Facebook and Instagram page. 





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