It’s more than a Night, It’s a Brand pt2


With the night growing, I knew that I needed something that would be different also something that would appeal to people. just saying you will play the best music is not going to bring much people in. I went with the idea of getting a photographer to come in every week, as this would give people something to look back on at the end of the night. 

At the start of 2016, I was asked by Dj Rodney Roddss to play, who was doing a birthday party at his residency. For his event he booked Adam P, a photographer friend of his, it was at this party I first spoke to him and took down his number that night and got him to take pictures for an upcoming Be-live Events event that we was doing the following month.  When I was thinking of photography for the luxury Friday’s he was the first person I thought of.

I have been using Adam since the start of Luxury Friday’s and he has done a great job, from getting crowd shots to using special effects for pictures. Once the night is finished, Adam sends me the pictures and I am able to put the Luxury Friday’s Logo on them and post them up on Social media sites. I believe the pictures have helped tremendously with the promotion of the night and helped with making Luxury Friday’s a brand, by tagging people in the pictures, it keeps people engaged with what is going on and makes promoting upcoming events easier.

Downfall to using a photographer is that it is an extra cost, as much as Adam loves to do it he doesn’t do it for free also on slow nights, there may be less people take pictures of. but he will still come and expect to need to be paid.

In this case I would say that the pros out weigh the cons, the pictures have helped boost the growth of the night and Social Media accounts also Adam is seen as part of the team more than anything else and has helped with putting ideas forward on how to progress the night.

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