It’s more than a Night, It’s a Brand pt1

At the time of writing I am now 2 months into Luxury Fridays, I should have really started blogging about and the progress of everything from the beginning and updating as I go along, but that didn’t happen so I am just going to back track.

Start of Luxury Fridays

I got a new day time job where I no longer had to work shifts or weekends, which allowed me to now to be able to play every Friday night whereas before I could only play every other Friday and Saturday.  Now with the new job and more weekend time I was ready to start doing more in the DJ Life.

I wrote up a proposal for the manager of the bar I was playing at, detailing what I wanted to do, the benefits of allowing to go through with it and what I wanted to get out of it. The main points was

  • Better Promotion for Fridays
  • Turn Fridays in a talking point
  • Give it a brand which people will focus on
  • Get constant revenue at the bar each week
  • Allow me to play every Friday

It did take about a month for me to get the go ahead but 26th August 2016 was the official start of Luxury Fridays.

When I was doing every other Friday, All I can do to in terms of promoting was put out a message on Facebook letting people know that I would be playing. Now having Luxury Fridays I am able to promote a night rather than just say I’m playing. With the name I can post pictures, videos and text when promoting Luxury Fridays.

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