“It will be a shock a first but give it a week, everything will be back to normal.”

Saturday 23rd July 2016, was the day that I decided to cut of the locks after coming back from my two week holiday to the Caribbean I thought it was time for a change.

I have been growing my hair for the past 15 years, in 2010 I started to lock it up and had maintained it well for all these years. it had becoming my iconic image, the thing that made me stand out from the rest but i knew that it would not be a thing that would last forever.

Before cutting them the thought had cross my mind before, roughly the year before I started to get tired of having to get them redone, 4 – 5 hours of my ms redoing them or me interlocking them my self through out the week. 2015 was the year of my wedding and I decided to go hair dressers to get my hair redone for the engagement party and the wedding, at £80 a time and has you can imagine this swayed my mind to get rid of them. Fats forward to my holiday to the Caribbean, having to get it done before I left, going into the water the second day I land and my hair is messy again.

The choice to cut them off was not an easy one, I debated about it for a while but the main reason that I did not want to cut them was the fact that it was my image. being a DJ on  my level  I know that not everybody knows me by name but regular party goers would reconise me by my hair and this is something that I did not want to lose. But I had a talk with my dad about it and he just reminded me “It will be a shock a first but give it a week, everything will be back to normal.”



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