Growing The Collection

The very first cd that I brought was Dj Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – Boom! Shake The Room (, from that point on I would go on to grow my collection of music. Hip-Hop and R&B being my favorite I brought singles, albums and compilation disk containing tracks that i liked, this at the time just being something that I enjoyed as it wasn’t an actually plan to build anything.

Then came the digital age where we was able to download music,connect an iPod and take it wherever we wanted. I still remember sitting at the computer for hours putting on disk after another in ripping it to iTunes. One mistake that I made at the time was choosing to convert it into a lower bitrate MP3, at the time it made sense it takes up less space, the less space one song takes up means I will have more room for songs. Half the CDs I don’t know what I did with has they were on my computer why would I ever need the CD again. my music collection as expanded at this time not only where there places to buy bootleg cds but I also had the internet, napster & limewire were two my favorite websites at the time. Of course the music was of low quality and lowest bit rate possible for some songs, but who cared, it was going on to my iPod and playing through my headphones it didn’t sound no different at the time, only if I knew what I know now. (I will do a Important of bit rate in another post).

Growing your music collection is obviously doesn’t happen overnight, but no matter when you start has long has you have the passion for music, know what you like (it’s not realistic to like everything) and build it up. I am not saying that just because you have a lot of music means your automatically a DJ there are many other things to djing, but having a good knowledge of music that you like and a lengthy backlog definitely helps.

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