Expanding Thoughts

As I said, I want this to mainly be focused around my Djing life however might trail into to other things that are of interest to me or that I am starting to do. So this post is about something else.

I tend to have a lot on my mind all the time, blame it on being quiet person or an over thinker or whatever but i have things running throw my mind that I need to do, want to do or forgot and just suddenly remembered. Even though my is running I do not believe that I come up with a lot of ideas, I believe that i have a creative mind but feel like I have not come up with a good idea in a long time. So after listening to a few Podcast and Audiobooks I have not only started a blog I have also taken up Meditation and Morning pages, both should help me with both of my issues.

  • Meditation

After doing some quick research on the topic I started yesterday, I am starting on a beginner session where I spend 5 minutes once a day sitting on the floor in a quite space. eyes closed, I keep my head clear of any thoughts, breath naturally and focus on nothing but my breathing. there are time when my mind would try to wonder on to something else but when I relies I go back to my breathing. What i hope to get out of this exercise is to have a moment where I don’t need to think and my mind can be clear, the peacefulness is relaxing and I feel in better mood after it. Meditation is also meant to help with the creative mind so i hoping that the exercise will lead to more ideas generating.

  • Morning Pages.

Another exercise that I heard on a podcast, Morning pages are 3 pages of you writing  down your thoughts first thing in the morning. the idea is to allow you to get all your thoughts out of head and down on paper so you can have a more effective day. I will start this tomorrow morning as I only discovered it today. I feel that this exercise will be very beneficially to me to the issues that I face.

I don’t plan to post daily on how both these exercises are going but i will check back after a week maybe to say how I feel.

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