Luxury Friday’s

Event Details



The Liquor Station proudly presents you with Luxury Fridays. Wembley’s number one destination for a Friday evening entertainment, it is the perfect place to be! With our fantastic, roomy luxurious booths, Where you will most feel comfortable socializing while sipping on our fabulous cocktails and other refreshing beverages which you will find on our very informational and price reasonable drinks menu.

Whether you enjoy the views from our fancy numerous booths, You can also enjoy having a fun filled evening on our famous dance floor with our cool resident DJ for Friday’s, DJ D-Dubs providing you with a smooth, yet energetic mix of R&B, Hip Hop, Dance hall and Commercial house which would most definitely get you up and off your seat!   

Not to mention our photographer, Adam P. Who also will be professionally capturing stunning yet snazzy pictures of the night, leaving you to create a wonderful and memorable album with his brilliant photography at our venue.

 If you are looking for a night of Luxury, Luxury Friday’s at The Liquor Station is where you need to be! No disappointments, Just great Nights, Music and Vibes!