Dynamic Podcast




D-Dubs started the Dynamic Podcast in November 2015 mainly because of the amount of music that he wanted to play but could not always get the opportunity to play them when out playing live. Due to the day time job he was unable to commit to a radio station and the only other option was to turn to an online radio, weekly mixes or a Podcast. The decision was the podcast route because of the freedom to record whenever and because of he’s online knowledge it would be easy to get it out via other stream eg. iTunes/TuneIn rather than have people try to go to a online station.

Dynamic ((of a process or system) characterized by constant change, activity, or progress)

The vision for Dynamic is a Urban show where each show is different however keeps within the urban genres so it can reach more people with this taste in music. What music is considered within urban genre for this Podcast;

• Hip-Hop
• R&B
• Soca
• Dancehall
• Afrobeats
• Reggaeton
• UK Hip-Hop

At the time of writing this Dynamic Podcast has peaked at 300 downloads a week, made it into the R&B/Urban top 10, Been added to the Podomatic trending List and a new episode has been released every Monday.

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