Doing too much

Today at work I just did a self analysis quiz on my personal style, where you answer a bunch of question on what you would do, what you think ect ect. There are four main pairs of traits

  • Extrovert – Introvert = Outgoing vs time to your self
  • Sensing – Intuition = how you perceive the world
  • Thinking – Feeling = how you make decisions
  • Judging – Perceiving = when given a task stick to a plan vs  open to change

The final result was that I scored high on introvert, Thinking, Judging and was half and half on Sensing and Intuition.  I feel that this was quite accurate in the way that I do things, anyone that knows me knows that i usually keep to my self I am more often the quite one in the group and I am not a very spontaneous person I would rather think before acting.

Thinking about this I often have a lot of plans for what i want to do in terms of my djing but I usually have two main problems

  1. Starting. I can have a great idea, I can plan it out step by step and know exactly what to do however I have a issue starting the plan and this leaves me to keep going over it with often results in “analysis paralysis”.
  2. Getting distracted from my current idea. Starting is the hardest part but once I have started my next issue is staying focused on one task at a time. When in a middle of a project i often find my self having other ideas which I want to start planning, at times there are situations where the current project has to be put on hold for reason beyond my controller and i would use this time to start planning something else. Which then brings me back to my first problem of trying to start but now i have a second problem of not following up the first project and causing a risk of it being forgotten about.

I had listened to a podcast not to long ago Pat Flynn with the Smart Passive Income Podcast, where he was having the same issue with his businesses. The main thing that he had to stick to was just to focuses on one project at a time, do not start anything else until the current project is completed. If you get any ideas while doing your current project write it down and come back to it later, you save so much more time doing things this way and you actually get projects finished.

This is one thing that I try to brought into my life and try to practice, but it is actually harder than it sounds especially when you are waiting on other people you feel that you need to do something instead of being idle.


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