.com or Nah?

One question that I have asked myself is a website for my djing necessary? If you had asked me two years ago I would of said “not at all”, I have seen other DJ websites where it was a just a splash screen and a link to the Facebook fan page and Facebook would be where all djs were doing a lot of there promoting although at this time I didn’t even have a Facebook fan page for my self, D&K did have one.

If you asked me a year ago I would of said “maybe”. last year I got my interested in doing websites, i started looking into learning word press and doing a bit of HTML coding however at this time my main concern was What would I put on there. The podcast was not even thought of at this point but i did have a few mix tapes out, social media accounts but I still did not think that was worthy of a website.

If you asked me Today I would say ” Its in the works”, Since last year i feel that i have networked more meet more Djs, seen what they do to promote them selves, looked at more professional dj’s websites and I can see that having a site can be a great tool for promotion.

One problem that I would say that a lot of Djs have is have a lot of social media accounts and it is difficult to promote your self when your giving people a long list of your accounts but if there is one central point where you can direct people and they can have everything, it makes sense. I am now doing a lot more from the Podcast, Blog, Mix tapes and videos hopefully soon, My site will always have fresh content that will be feed into it. All my social accounts will still be available but being able to tell people just to go to my.com will be easy for them and for me.



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