Are We There Yet?

The most frustrating thing for me is having to wait on people, I know I i’m not the most punctual person but I do like to keep my word with a deadline. The problem that I am facing right now is that I want to do a weekly night but the manager is quite hands on with what happens in his venue, which is understandable. The problem is when I send something for him to have a look at, it takes a while for him to get back to me.

In these cases I often find that you have two options,

  1. Stay cool and remind every so often.
    • Pros to this is that it is more polite, especially  if your not in the position of power and asking for something. I believe this is a better way to build a relationship has your not putting pressure on the other person.
    • Cons to this it will always be tomorrow, once you remind them and they say tomorrow, tomorrow might not come and then you leave it for a week and remind then again only to get the same I will get to it tomorrow.
  2. Daily Reminders.
    • Pros to this, you can follow them up on their word, if they say tomorrow the next day just a friendly reminder to see if that have had a chance. you might get “No had not had a chance yet” you can ask again the next day. This way your are more likely to get something done.
    • Cons to this, you come off annoying which could put a bad taste on the relationship.

This is a problem within any part of life not just with the ‘Night Life’. Asking a friend for a favour, asking for a report at work or asking a family member to look over something. I believe that what it comes down to is the importance of the task. if its something that can be put off for a while then go with option one, if you have  a dead line and can not move on with it then the second option is needed. Most times you will find you can start off with option 1 but has time goes on you will need to start sending reminders to get the task done as a deadline closes in.

When it does come to option 2, just remember to ask in the nicest way that you can. You did need the task completed but you are still asking for a favour and you do not want to ruin the relationship.


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